i mean it must be, for people like ann coulter to be allowed to call john edwards the f word (i’m referring to a homosexual slur here).  to quote my cooperating teacher, “i am embarrassed that ann coulter is a woman.”  i am ashamed to have even gender in common with this loathsome, back woods agitator.  she is a blonde bimbette representative of everything i absolutely despise in this country: ignorance as fuel, hate speech as entertainment, burying yourhead in the sand as a proper way to deal with your government, name calling in the face of new and different ideas, intolerance at every turn.

a few big advertisers have supposedly pulled off of her website, and there have been a number of condemnations of her behavior by republican party big wigs like mitt romney  (sp?)  but really, i have to wonder, would anyone be denouncing her if an election weren’t up around the proverbial nascar bend?  if there wasn’t a shoot out at the US of OK corrale, would any of them act like they were shocked and horrifed by her language and existence?  i don’t know.  i’d like to think they see her for the bottom feeding, shock talker she is, hell bent on moving the country into a place where hell bent is not a phrase but an accurate encapsulation of belief systems and regime rationale.

i don’t believe in violence as a measure to solve any problem, but i do think if she somehow were in a freak envelope licking incident and loss the use of her tongue, and then somehow realized her hands were immobile as well (to prevent typed or hand written diatribes of hatred and idiocy) well, i’m not sure i wouldn’t throw a party.