cross your fingers

April 30, 2007

i interviewed last thursday for a position at lawrence high. it is my first choice–an amazing school with incredible students and faculty. i should hear by the end of the week so please, cross your fingers!! to learn more about the chesty lions, visit their website:


soundtrack to my life

April 26, 2007

ok, so i thought doing one of these would be fun, but it was uber-hard.

here’s my version of this, but of course it will be different tomorrow.

My Life: The Soundtrack

Opening credits: There She Goes–The La’s

Waking up: Heroes–David Bowie

Average day: God Bless the Child–Billie Holiday

First date: Sweet Thing–Van Morrison

Falling in love: 33–Smashing Pumpkins

Love scene: Beautiful Girl–Pete Droge

Fight scene: Sabotage–Beastie Boys

Breaking up: I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You–Colin Hay

Getting back together: When You Come Back to Me–World Party

Secret Love: Untouchable Face–Ani DiFranco

Life’s okay: Feelin’ Alright–Joe Cocker

Political Anthem: Dear Mr. President–Pink

Mental breakdown: Baba o’Reilly–The Who

Driving: Wildflowers–Tom Petty

Learning a Lesson: If I Wrote You--Dar Williams

Deep thought: Waiting for the Miracle–Leonard Cohen

Flashback: Sweet Baby James–James Taylor

Partying: Big Pimpin’–Jay-Z

Happy dance: Statesboro Blues–Allman Brothers

Regreting: Pies–Patty Griffin

Long night alone: Dear Chicago–Ryan Adams

Closing credits: Don’t Panic–Coldplay

last week

April 23, 2007

this is my last week of student teaching and then i plan to do the following until august when i will hopefully be teaching somewhere AWESOME:

1) read all the books i have purchased and had no time to get to

2) rediscover some of the old favorites in my music collection like indigo girls, inspiral carpets, new model army, pearl jam, bonnie raitt, etc.

3) clean and organize this apartment within an inch of it’s life so when we move it is effortless

4) hang out as much as possible with my brother, family, and friends

5) learn to cook for real meals from recipes and things

6) become the healthiest me i can be

7) visit the nelson atkins museum

8) plant something and watch it grow

9) sit back and enjoy the world around me

10) beat alex at scrabble a few times and spend much of my time with him

sounds pretty sweet action to me.

me me me

April 15, 2007

i keep filling out all these cracky surveys on myspace, and decided to share the things i would want people to know about me in this forum:i invariably waste time filling out surveys when there are far more pressing things to do

competition tv has become the thing i cannot give up: shear genius, project runway, america’s next top model, etc.

i really love to cook but without a dishwasher i often just heat things up in the microwave

the vodka press is fast becoming my favorite drink

much to my surprise i have become a sports fan–i think it has to do with getting to root for the underdog and having an excuse to throw a party

retail therapy has long been a part of my life and i am trying desperately to curb the notion that buying myself a little happy can, in fact, make me happy

i am happiest when i am watching hgtv with alex and laughing at absolutely nothing

fat free turkey hot dogs have become my food obsession

grindhouse made me laugh out loud far more than it should have

high school students are alternately amazing and annoying at breakneck speed, but the amazing is SO worth the annoying

if i could go on any vacation i would take my beautiful mother to paris

the trendy people in lawrence with their hybrids and their chai tea used to make me feel inferior, but not anymore

there is rarely a day that goes by that i don’t imagine my life is accompanied by a soundtrack of epic and awesome music

in the movie of my life i would want kate winslet to play me

the perfect dinner party includes good wine, great conversation, and food and dishes that i do not have to prepare or clean up

my first big furniture purchase will be one of those oversized chairs

i may never win a state lotto but i hit the jackpot with my incredible family and friends

mascara, lipgloss, and heels are all i need to feel HOT

i could eat the spinach and shrimp salad from applebee’s everyday and not get sick of it

my best friend and my husband are the same person, and this is the secret to happiness      chair       

many of you know i love hippos, so i’m using them as visual aids today. i feel like this hippo, trying to rock the two piece, glaringly aware that it is a bad idea, knowing i need to start making a few lifestyle changes to get me back into a healthy and happy zone.

but i want to look like this hippo here, so wish me luck on my journey.

I know why all the poets write in bars, here’s my shot at it. Suggestions welcome.

Poe Cannot Hold This

21 gets younger every year
and I remember myself then
a radiator that blew in the middle of rush hour
and a heart made of gossamer and stone
If you had asked me then
what a wife is meant to be
I would not have seen myself, now,
at 30 in a bar too full of youth
to know what to do with itself

It is just a short walk from here
a few thousand days and then
a vow or two and a few hundred drinks
and a man whose heart circles time
It is just a timid crawl from oblivion
and then a melting hour into wife–
I never meant to be, I never meant to be

But he walked in with gleaming teeth
and a wrinkled red hoodie–
too big for a man–cocooning the boy
he was leaving behind
Dancing his way across my nerves
laughing his way into my fear of being
too much, too big, and too little
for anyone else’s lifetime
It was a short walk through a darkened wood
and I was not much for orienteering

* * *

Music plays around me and the young
clap and cheer like it is the apocalypse
and their exuberance will light the way
If I were a betting man I’d call this a
long shot–my happiness and yours–
with a pay out big enough to burn the lamps
night after night

but 21 is younger every year and you
and I have left it behind, along with
1 night stands, the fear of rejection, and
the misspent dollars and days of adolescence–
so forlorn even Poe could not grasp them–
his black feathers too fluttering and too loose
to hold the flimsy smoke of who we were

So this, here, this, now, is wife
this is woman and truth shaken with a quick stir and
a short straw to make up for lost time,
and while 21 gets younger every year
I twist and press as you sleep, full of the blinding singing hope
that guides me through the forest, and welcomes me back home.


April 4, 2007

  i took this quiz today and discovered this is where i fall, philosophically (thanks for the idea, ben 🙂   i pretty much agree with it, but the high hedonism score surprised me, and made me want to swim in a pool of melted chocolate while drinking champagne and wearing a (faux) fur bikini.

You scored as Utilitarianism. Your life is guided by the principles of Utilitarianism: You seek the greatest good for the greatest number.

“The said truth is that it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong.”

–Jeremy Bentham

“Whenever the general disposition of the people is such, that each individual regards those only of his interests which are selfish, and does not dwell on, or concern himself for, his share of the general interest, in such a state of things, good government is impossible.”

–John Stuart Mill

More info at Arocoun’s Wikipedia User Page…

Justice (Fairness)
Divine Command
Strong Egoism

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