winging away

June 7, 2007

when i lived in florida from 1996-1998 i was there for a bizarre variety of reasons.  as a teenager i met people from florida whose spirits intrigued me, and the call of water and beaches was undeniable.  this may surprise people who know me now, but there was a time when all i needed was sun and surf to set things right.  i lived in florida, also, for love.  my first love, one that taught me all i want and do not want from future relationships.  we lived and learned and eventually left one another, and that was hard and brilliant.

my most vivid memories of florida are of the trees.  sitting in the passenger seat, riding from tampa to miami, miami to jacksonville, jax back to miami, etc.  i was always magnetically drawn to the trees, heavy with humidity and history, swaying and thrushing through the air with the same tired and beautiful movements of old dancers, still marking time, but slower than when they were in their prime…the music fainter, but still playing.

i leave saturday to return to florida, to place myself in close proximity with the ghosts of who i was and who i dreamt i would be.   i can only hope that the three of us will reach an understanding and, like the trees, find our own rhythm.


on the horizon

June 3, 2007

a and i spent a wonderful anniversary last sunday, we went to lunch, drove around looking at houses, watched hgtv, ate part of our wedding cake, drank champagne from the big day, and ordered the same food we ate the night of the wedding: dominoes pizza.  it is so gratifying to spend a day relishing the perfect harmony of our life.  i cannot envision anyone better suited to me than my brilliant, dry-witted husband.

after two weeks of working with my dad i am home for the next few days.  next up is planning the syllabi for this fall, preparing for our move into the house we are renting this fall, and saturday i am flying to fl for 3 weeks to be the asst. director of the same theatre workshop i attended as a kid, lovewell.  i am thrilled and grateful to c for allowing me to share this amazing experience all over again, from the other side of the stage.

here’s to a big summer, full of joy and possibilities, and to the immeasurable spirit that keeps us moving forward.

(“galatea of the spheres,” salvador dali)