rippin off the hawk

July 28, 2007

i learned today that the mascot for jericho high school in jericho, ny, is the jayhawk, and not just any jayhawk, oh no, it is the same jayhawk, with a few alterations, as the ku mascot. here’s the logo for their athletic department.

i emailed their board of ed today and suggested that, as educators, we teach our students not to plagiarize and this blatant ripoff seems to contradict that lesson. the president of their board of ed replied to me that this has been their logo for decades and is in no way plagiarized and she cc’d the districts law firm about it. well, of course, their school was established in 1959, and the current jayhawk logo (for ku) has been in used since 1946:

so you do the math.

alex emailed the legal staff at ku about it today, because copyright infringement is a major issue and part of being able to maintain a brand is due to the integrity of the logo of said brand.  we’ll keep you posted.  isn’t it strange what oddities and inappropriatenesses you can find when you’re goofing around on the net?


passionate kind of nuts

July 23, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket alex and i are packing up and preparing to leave this apartment, where we have lived for almost 3 years.  this is the first place we picked out together, having shared an apartment before that was mine.  this is the place we got engaged, the place we planned our wedding, the place we came home to after our honeymoon, the place where we celebrated birthdays, mourned those who had gone, and began dreaming of our life together.  we are now on the horizon of that life as we move into a house we will rent while saving money to buy one.  this new house will be our home as i start my high school teaching career, as alex finishes law school and begins his career, and as so many other new and exciting things happen for us.  i am nervous about all of the big things on the horizon, but believe in our ability to get through anything.  i have my hard days, times when i need to vent and worry, but deep down i always know things will work.  i think those moments when i doubt myself are a good sign that i am not yet so arrogant that i think the whole world revolves around me.  the days when i worry are proof that i care, i think.  bobby flay put it best: if you aren’t nervous about your passion, then you aren’t passionate enough about it.  so yes, i’m nervous about beginning my teaching in a few weeks.  yes, i’m nervous  about moving into this house. the added responsibility of both, and the nervousness that each of these inspires can make me a little nuts, but at least i know it’s a passionate kind of nuts.

you must see/hear this

July 18, 2007

last night alex and i went to see a movie called “once.”  here is a link to its website:

the music in it is written and performed by glen hansard and marleta irglovka (sp?)  they have collaborated before and he is the frontman for a band called the frames.  i cannot think of any other time when music has so haunted and captured me.  not only does this film get the songwriting process right, full of the passion and beauty i have always witnessed in my songwriting friends, but it also speaks to what music can mean to people, and how it provides the ground under so many of our feet.  i would not be who i am were it not for the music in my llife, be it my father’s, my brother’s, my friends’, my own, or that of others that i discover in a million different ways.  if you  feel that music is a part of the patchwork that defines who you are, you simply must see this film and hear its music.  it is breathtaking.

i’m up too late watching conan o’brien. nick lowe is singing and he is not like nick rhodes, nick drake, or any other nick i may actually be interested in, but he is on, and his strange crooning over a slightly bumpy rockabilly-esque groove called ‘long limbed girl’ seems to fit. no, i’m not a long limbed girl, i’m not the kind of willowy thing he is singing about. i am, on this day of my birth, this 31st anniversary of my arrival in the world, not made of twigs and branches, not built of sap and wood. instead, much to my surprise, i find myself happily embracing the far softer self it turns out i am. more water than wood, i am a liquid and flowing thing, curving and turning without notice, all things leading into each other, oceans of memory and rivers of time, the currents of my life coursing and surging into another year. i could write about my hopes and dreams for the future, and i could certainly wax both philosophic and poetic about the adventures awaiting me on the very near horizon, but instead i say only this:

the country road turns where no one can see
carrying travelers away from the tree
into a place where silence is found
wrapped around in peace, asleep on the ground
knowing a place where there’s no need to run
this is how it feels to be 31

the crackling jump of the innocent fire
its ashes revealing the truest desire
the smell of the smoke filling the air
turning strands silver in everyone’s hair
learning real beauty belongs not to the young
this is how it feels to be 31

no longer afraid of the noises at night
slippery girls and the men who must fight
finding a treasure where there isn’t a map,
thanking the angels for minding the gap
no longer waiting for my time come
this is how it feels to be 31

this is how it feels to be 31,
another year into the burning sun
the moon in the heavens, the stars in the sky
whispering softly as i sparkle by
becoming the woman i was meant to become
this is how it feels to be 31

a perfect strike

July 15, 2007

my birthday party was off the heezee…fo sheezee.  here’s proof.

and so it begins

July 13, 2007

tomorrow we will celebrate my 31st birthday…and i plan to break my all time high of 136. here is the song, from grease 2, that best captures my feelings about the pending event:

Come on everybody, gather round.
I’m gonna show you how to knock ’em down.
When I’m on the ball, I’m the number one.
And I’m gonna show you how it’s done.

Let’s bowl, let’s bowl, let’s rock-‘n-roll.
Hey, come on, let’s get this show on the road.
Let’s bowl, let’s bowl, let’s rock-‘n-roll.
We’re sittin’ on a bomb that’s about to explode.

We’re gonna score tonight, we’re gonna score tonight.
If you’re lookin’ for a fight, then the time is right.
We’re gonna wipe the floor with you tonight.

We’re gonna score tonight, we’re gonna score tonight.
We’re gonna rock, we’re gonna roll,
We’re gonna bop, we’re gonna bowl.
We’re gonna score, score, score, score, score tonight!

Johnny: Screams… Hey Paulette, take a look over here,
I’m your kingpin, honey, and I’m gettin’ in gear!
Paulette: Hey Johnny, Johnny, go bowl that strike,
And I just might be your baby tonight!

Let’s bowl, let’s bowl, let’s rock-‘n-roll.
Hey, come on, let’s get this show on the road.
Let’s bowl, let’s bowl, let’s rock-‘n-roll.
‘Cause the stakes are high, and the winner takes all!

We’re gonna score tonight, we’re gonna score tonight.
Don’t get sore when you lose tonight,
We’re gonna show you how to do it right.

We’re gonna score tonight, we’re gonna score tonight.
We’re gonna rock, we’re gonna roll,
We’re gonna bop, we’re gonna bowl.