November 28, 2007

i have a renewed interest in the following:

hot tea–oh pomegranate celestial seasoning, you are so yummy
burning incense–so, my house smells hippie-ish…so do i 🙂
mini bagels with turkey and light cheese for breakfast–i ate this every morning at lovewell this summer…nuff said

i have a new interest in the following:

mineral make up–it is sparkly and minimal: how is that possible???
taking tons and tons of pictures–the world is too beautiful not to document it
making playlists on the itunes–i haven’t done this much, and it ROCKS

current playlist

“the world is too beautiful”

no one–alicia keys
say–john mayer
love song–sara bareilles
fade into you–mazzy star
history of lovers–calexico and iron & wine
baba o’reilly–the who
here with me–dido
girl in the war–josh ritter
red eye–ben kweller
just like the moon–brett dinnen (thanks, joe…i love him)
challengers–the new pornographers
someone else’s tomorrow–patty griffin
cripple crow–devandra bernhardt
upt to the mountain–jeff beck and clarkson
falling slowly–glen hansard (once soundtrack)
world spins madly on–the weepies
orange sky–alexi murdoch
ride–cary brothers
inconsolable–jonatha brooke
you give me something–james morrison
love will come through–travis


good deeds

November 25, 2007

giving change to the salvation army bell ringers makes me happy, even if the money may not go where it should


my dad and i have a 6 month pact: i will get healthier and he will record a cd of his own music. we are more likely to be successful if we are accountable to one another


cooking all day to plan for a healthy, easy week makes me feel fantastic


i bought and decorated a small tree for my cousin jake today, and filled a bag with christmas decorations for him and his roommates. they are young guys away from their families and i want them to know that people care about them, and football has nothing to do with it. the look on jake’s face was priceless. giving ruly is better than receiving.


18 more days of school this semester. 3 weeks + 3 days. 3 weeks of teaching, and 3 days of watching a movie and celebrating the end of the semester. so so so so so happy to be almost done with fall.


20 days till the holiday party…i cannot wait.


November 22, 2007


family, friends, foods i shouldn’t eat, music, madness, mayhem, words, wisdom, wishes, sleep, songs, simplicity, hands, hearts, health, innocence, imagination, integrity, love, life, light, trees, tradition, trips, beauty, breathing, breaks, conversation, cranberry muffins, coke (diet), asking, art, alex…

and a million other things to fabulous and numerous to mention


November 16, 2007

i am writing real poetry again, not for performance, but for purpose. it is hard, and long, and i have talked more about my work today than i have in ages, but a big thanks to my shit detector jason for hanging in there with me. when this new piece is done i’ll share it with you.


i am giving 4 presentations about lovewell to the hs and jhs kids of lawrence tomorrow. i want nothing more than to share this beautiful space with them all.


my insane need for approval needs to chiggidy check itself before it seriously riggidy wrecks itself.


these words keep repeating in my head from an old song by some guys i didn’t really know:

give my love to the ones i meant to write
give my letters to the ones i meant to love
give the right to love to the ones
who meant so much to me—one sad monkey

greatest. email. ever.

November 15, 2007

Dear Ms. D-G,

Hello, my name is ——————- and I am a senior at LHS. Just for reference, I was sitting in the front row at the poetry reading in a yellow sweater. I just wanted to say thank you for reading. In my mind, woman are often quiet and serene at readings and I loved your gusto. You read a poem that was easily relatable and did not shy away from the upsetting connotation. I really appreciated your work. With your inspiration, my friend ————— and I are motivated to read at the next reading.

Thanks, —————–


November 13, 2007

this is what sunday night looked like—gorgeous:


one of my students stabbed someone IN THE FACE with a pen after school friday.


my brother is coming to seem my classroom and have lunch tomorrow.  i am so excited b/c i miss that little guy everyday.


exterminators are coming today to end the roly poly invasion of 2007.


yoga booty ballet is the new pink.


no matter how hard i try, i cannot get up before 6 a.m.


reign over me is a beautiful and heartbreaking film.

the writers strike in hollywood could have reverberations for a very long time, and it is such a well founded strike. these writers aren’t compensated for their work after is airs on tv, even though networks make millions of dollars in ad revenue when they place shows online for viewing or purchase. not sure if you should support the writers? check out his clip form the writers and actors of the office: