101 things in 1001 days

December 31, 2007

have you all heard of this? it is so intriguing…i think i may have to make my own list

101 things to do in 1001 days

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

My List (to be completed by 9.27.2010)

1 Visit The Garden of Eden in Lucas, KS (http://www.garden-of-eden-lucas-kansas.com)
2 Read all the books I bought at the Lawrence Library Sale
3 Read all of the Bukowski Letters
4 Watch Band of Brothers
5 Read Pride and Prejudice
6 See 15 films at Liberty Hall
7 Attend 15 concerts
8 Upload all my CDs to itunes
9 Blog twice a week
10 Travel outside the US
11 Listen to 3+ hours of music a day, at least 3x a week
12 Write one letter a week to someone I haven’t seen in a long time
13 Learn to cook something gourmet
14 Go to Chicago to visit Jen and Kyle and Jonny K.
15 Work out AT LEAST 3x a week, every week
16 Have dinner with Alex at our dining room table at least twice a week
17 Take a multivitamin everyday
18 Read 25 Young Adult Novels
19 Write a new poem every two weeks
20 Go to Vegas with Alex, Ben, and Erin
21 Rediscover my natural hair color
22 Walk 5 miles/week on the walking trails in Lawrence
23 Buy a GOOD pedometer
24 Cook on weekends for food all week
25 Watch the sunrise over Clinton Lake
26 Watch the sunset over Coronado Heights
27 Attend a wine tasting
28 Visit the Kemper Museum
29 Visit the Nelson Atkins Museum
30 See Ebert’s ‘102 Movies You Must See’
31 Go to Rolling HIlls Wildlife Refuge
32 Watch Apocalypse Now
33 Reread all Tom Robbins novels
34 Go hiking with Brandon
35 Take 10 pictures a week
36 Take the Boulevard Brewing Co. Tour
37 Staff 3 Lovewell Sessions
38 Learn to write grant proposals
39 Take a class with my mother
40 Participate in a 5k
41 Move into a bigger classroom with East facing windows (someone has to retire/quit for this to happen)
42 Learn to love exercise
43 Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day
44 Volunteer on a political campaign
45 Direct a play
46 Be in a play/musical
47 Get “We All Shine On” tattoo
48 Learn to draw a cool tree
49 Buy new eyeglasses
50 Teach a Creative Writing class
51 Use my shit detector more often–Jason, this means you
52 Talk to or hng out with Teryn once a month
53 Spend a long weekend with Lisa, John, and Alex
54 Whiten my teeth
55 Visit Nicodemous, KS (http://www.legendsofamerica.com/OZ-Nicodemus.html)
56 Visit the Lake of the Ozarks
57 Spend a long weekend in Omaha
58 See The Cure in concert
59 See James Taylor in concert
60 See Ani again now that we are both older and wiser
61 Get a real pair of cowboy boots
62 Stop smoking when I drink
63 Swim in the ocean again
64 Drink at least 64 oz of water everyday
65 Walk downtown in Lawrence once a week
66 Get a dog
67 Buy a house
68 Wear a size 12 dress to Alex’s law school graduation in May ’08
69 Read “Here Lies: The Collected Stories of Dorothy Parker”
70 See all of David Mamet’s films
71 Beat the Castlevania video game without cheating
72 Take a long, hot bath once a week
73 Go on a walk with my mom each time we see each other
74 Get up at 5:30 every weekday morning to work out
75 Be at least 2 weeks ahead in my lesson plans
76 Visit the Hunger Site 3x a week (www.thehungersite.com)
77 Write a book (at least 150 pages)
78 Save $10/week
79 Go to California
80 Go dancing at least 3x a year
81 See 6 professional plays or musicals
82 Go to a hockey game
83 Go to a KU basketball game with my dad
84 Have dinner at some chichi place on the Plaza (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/chichi)
85 Throw out/donate/sell 100 things I don’t need
86 Color 1 mandala a week
87 Create an art piece to hang on the wall
88 Burn incense 3x + a week
89 Attend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Summer Teacher’s Institute
90 Read a book of poetry every month
91 Take a 4 day roadtrip with Alex
92 Watch all of Kate Winslet’s films
93 Buy and watch entire season of Flight of the Conchords
94 Watch AFI’s Top 100 films
95 Create my own Top 100 films
96 Make a list of MUST READ books for my friends
97 Try a new food every month
98 Limit impulse shopping to $20/month
99 Create and stick to a monthly budget
100 Get a neoprene case for Stella
101 For each incomplete task after 1001 days, donate $2 to Republican Party (which makes me want to vomit)



December 30, 2007

(re)again, anew———sol=sun———-(u)me—————tions=action of

i choose to be new, again.
i choose the action of the sun.

i choose

more music and less television
more books and less internet
more letters and less phone calls
more breathing and less worrying
more space and less clutter
more me and less everyone else
more now and less then
more cooking and less eating out
more writing and less talking about it
more doing and less wishing

what will your choices be?

staining the water

December 27, 2007

breaking open the combs
of a pomegranate
is like tearing into a universe
freeing the bloody jewels from
the clutches of their captors

what once was home
beneath the leathery skin
is plunged into icy water
where blue tipped fingers
destroy the known world

though you try to be gentle
with quick, subtle movements
to break the seeds free
you cannot help
staining the water
as you tear your way through


xmas and beyond

December 22, 2007

we tried to go home today, planned to leave for andover around 10:30, but that was the beginning of the cold and icy goodness that is this day. i have to admit having a day off has been pretty great, i worked yesterday and was up until 1 a.m. making my father’s gift–my family is making all gifts this year, and i am thrilled about it. alex and i did xmas last night and i am happy to report that 2 more stuffe dhippos have joine dmy ever growing herd. i love stuffed hippos. i don’t know what it is about them, their hopeful eyes above their big snouts–i think i look like that, hopeful eyes above a big snout–so maybe that is the appeal. the new alicia keys cd, an itunes gift card, a bag od rolos and 2 hilariously trashy romance novels rounded out xmas–all in all a pretty rockin haul. it occurs to me that he hit all the notes in the song of my life with these gifts: music, books, candy, and the soft and squishy toys that make me feel like a kid again. maybe this seems trivial, but being wih someone who knows me well enough to purchase these things, with little to no prompting, tells me a lot about the man i married, and about our relationship….in all of its glory. i am so lucky to be so loved.


i love the weepies, but feel sad that they have become the old navy commercial song people. there goes the neighborhood.


next semester i have a tough schedule, i’m teaching 2 sections of remedial english, the english 10 retake, and 2 sections of diverse voices in lit. i am very excited about the lit classes but they will have to be outstanding in order to make up for the horror i fear will be the retake.


my family wins. i am so excited to see them for the holidays. there is no one who makes me lauht from across the room, without saying anything, like my father. he is a big part of the reason why i find s much humor in the world. my mother is a confidant, partner in crime, and all around best friend, and my grandparents love me so unconditionally that there is no word for it other than awesome. of course, my brother and teryn will be there too and there is nowhere i would rather be than hanging out with them, pretty much ever. so here we go towards the homestead, tomorrow, for the holiday vacation break extravaganza that makes me feel like i am a part of something so perfect it can only be called FAMILY.

a new direction

December 18, 2007

yesterday’s horoscope read “Renounce the bad old days.  You’re all about truth and creativity now.  Strangers are thinking positive thoughts.  Friends open their doors.”

the universe is a very serendipitous place.  i recently decided to wear my beliefs–i made myself a bracelet that says ‘peace’ and a necklace that says ‘honesty.’  these are the two principles i am trying to apply more to my life.  and i am currently assistant directing a produciton of romeo and juliet at lhs.  i am trying to move into the most honest, peaceful, and creative period in my life, and it feels so good.  like warm slippers on a cold winter night.  like an icy shower after a day at the beach.  like cool sheets in the summer.  it feels so right.  and the thought for the season is simply this:

WAR IS OVER, IF YOU WANT IT.  and i want it.  i want to no longer be at war with the truth of who i am, with the things i love, with the dreams i have, with the beliefs i hold.  so for me, war is over.  la la la la.

have you ever…

December 13, 2007

seen the commercial where the little girl gives her daddy his suitcase, in which she has placed her little stuffed monkey, and throughout the day he takes pictures of the monkey with his phone–one next to the empire state building, one on the conference table in his boardroom, etc.–he sends the pictures to her all day and when he comes home they hug while the amos lee song ‘sweet pea’ plays? it almost made me cry. a phone commercial. jeezus, i am a big old girl.

heard jenny owens young? she is unbelievable.

eaten a whole bag of mukimame (like edamame) with 5 sprays of low calorie butter and 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese? it is a the dream treat of a lifetime.

watched so many holiday movies you’ve felt like you were going to turn into a big sugary pile of peppermint shit?

swept up dead rolypolys in your kitchen everyday for an effing month because your landlord/pesticide people suck a big old donkey butt? (which is like saying they suck an ass’s ass….ha ha, i just made myself laugh)

laughed out loud while singing the following song, but kept singing it anyway? (from ‘rhinestone’ starring dolly parton and sylvester stallone):

budweiser you have made me a monster
and they call me drinkin-stein

been so excited for a holiday party you are throwing that you almost can’t sleep at night–so many visions of snorgs, dancing in your head?


December 12, 2007

i had yesterday off due to ice, even though lawrence was more of a melty mess than an ice slick. i got some stuff done, but not nearly as much as i had hoped. it is just so hard to focus on work when there are websites like this one to wade through:


described as “the world’s biggest and show and tell (art, craft, diy, food, games, home, life, offbeat, ride, tech)” you can find instructions on how to do just about anything. want to make your own cranberry infused vodka? check. need to build a paper lamp? check. it is super awesome-o.

also, i had a dream last night that i wandered into an audition for “a little night music” in new york and told the direcotr that i had dreamed of being on broadway since i was a kid, dreamed of doing theatre for a living, and she said she wanted to give me a shot. she cast me and i worked my ass off in rehearsals. i neer actually perforemd in my dream, just rehearsed and LOVED it. any deconstructionists out there want to take a shot at this barrel of fish?