my new mantra

March 31, 2008

for me, for my students, for random dopes on the street, here’s my advice:155342.jpg   


good things

March 30, 2008

rearranged the living room today.  i am trying to find a way to make my house function well with the things i own, and give positive space to things i really care about, like my music and my books.  i am very happy with how it turned out, and it is very peaceful in here.  hard to believe how moving furniture can completely transform a space, and how you feel in it.—-went to dinner with john and angela tonight.  though they live in kc we have not seen each other in over a year.  RIDICULOUS.  i talk to ang all the time but it is so different when you get to sit across the table from each other and share a meal.  we then went and watched basketball and talked it up downtown, and i was reminded of how truly blessed i am to have such intelligent, hilarious friends.  —-45 school days left.  so hard to believe i’ve almost been a teacher for one year.  i love my job and feel a sense of accomplishment each day.   no matter how hard it is, no matter how much money it has cost me, no matter how hard it is going to be to pay off student loans on my salary, it is all worth it to know i am helping kids.—-my dear friend jennifer and her husband kyle moved back to kc two weeks ago.  she and i haven’t lived in driving distance of each other in 6 years.  i am so excited to get to know him better and spend time with them as they prepare to enter the wild world of parenthood.  their child will be so lucky to have them, and i know jennifer is going to be the BEST mom ever.  

my papa

March 23, 2008


last night my dad played with a band called “friar tuck and the monks” at liberty hall. the band’s former keyboard player had passed away and they asked my papa to play at their induction to the kansas rock and roll hall of fame. watching him on that stage i couldn’t stop thinking what an amazing man my father is. he is not only hilarious, kind, and strong, but he is a truly gifted musician. when you see him play you don’t just see someone who can play his instrument (a hammond b-3), you see someone putting on the best show he can for an audience who will never forget seeing him play.

my dad instilled in me a love of music and creative expression that not only lives in me today, but defines me. in his day job he works in the heat, the cold, the rain, and the snow building houses and doing construction, driving nails and working harder than any other person i know. but he never gave up the thing that makes him most happy: playing music. he has been a musician all his life, and all of mine, and growing up with someone in the house who numbered creativity among his top priorities made me who i am, and i am so thankful for that.

i don’t know if my dad will ever be inducted into any hall of fame, kansas or otherwise, bu i do know this: i have never once in my life wondered if my father loved and supported me, and i have never doubted his dedication to his music. those qualities are worth more than any induction or accolade. i love you, papa and in my heart, i give you every award ever created.


March 19, 2008

working with jamie and ryan this week on a one week lovewell with 11-13 yr olds–7 girls, 1 boy. a great way to spend spring break. it has been such a funny, creative process filled with gems like these:


beauty is only skin deep…aren’t you glad all your skin didn’t burn off in that fire at your school late last year.
(this was my–admittedly bad–idea for a song lyric)


(someone thinks this is how business is spelled. i say byou-isss-ness, alex says bweezeness, either way, it is awesome)


older woman walking with a kid to snack time: are you starvin marvin?
kid: why do you keep making that joke?


me: jamie, are you saying there’s no script?
jamie: of course there is, shannon, this is lovewell.


dammit, grandpa busey, you’re supposed to comb my hair before i leave the house.


mama hoyo’s pearly whites…oysters in your mouth
(yes, this is in the show)

number 1 seed

March 16, 2008

hell yeah baby!!!!!!!


My email to Sally Kern

March 13, 2008

This is Sally Kern. kern-with-flags.jpg

She is a hateful, evil Oklahoman republican in the House of Representatives. She was recently recorded making outlandish and illogical comments and claims about homosexuality. She apparently has a gay son from whom she is estranged as well. As an elected official, she has a public email address, and I feel she deserves to be called on her comments. This is the email I sent to her today. You can email her yourself at

Dear Rep. Kern,

As a public school educator I was disheartened to hear the recent remarks you made regarding the “indoctrination” of two year olds by what I presume you meant was a gay agenda within the educational system. Your level of intolerance and ignorance is unrivaled, and it is shocking that a person with your deluded view of the world has ever managed to become an elected official. I hope you take the time to mend your relationship with your son and recognize that he is your child and deserves your love and respect, as do all gay men and women.

I will pray for you to see the error of your ways before God Himself sits in judgment of your appalling and malicious views. He is the only one who can judge, Ms. Kern. You simply have no right.


a necessary decision

March 8, 2008

so yesterday i had a work day at school, which means i got off early and went to free state with some buddies and proceeded to laught it up and drink more than i should have from about 1-10 pm. i have this go-go attitude. i think if i’m in the throes of the get-down, i have to keep getting down. not so.

even when i know i should stop, i have this ridiculous fear of missing the party, so i hang out and imbibe far past the reasonable limits. i can’t do it anymore. the crazy party girl i used to be has gone the way of banana clips, members only jackets, and blue blocker shades. i have to acknowledge that a day and half of recovery for a few hours of partying is stupid as hell, and irresponsible, and at some point the party is where i make it, and if i leave it, it won’t hate me in the morning…and more importantly, i won’t hate myself. i hardly ever get completely torn up, but when i do it is a bad bad scene.

so here is my necessary decision. i recognize my limitations and know that i need to check myself before i (continue to) wreck myself. no more liquor for me. i’m not putting a time frame on it, i’m not saying EVER, just, not for awhile. not til i get a little persepctive about what it is i am trying to find when i go on these little destructive journeys of mine. i don’t hut anyone, or myself, but i am obviously trying to compensate for something or i would be able to keep myself in check. so, until i do a little more work on me, i’m not going to add in crazy juice to the mix. i’ll still got to the shindigs, laugh too loud, talk all night, and dance and sing like a crazy woman, but i’m going to do it wihtout any additives or preservatives.