looking forward

May 29, 2008

soon i will be at nsu in ft. lauderdale.  i will be a part of a creative process that enriches and fulfills me while it teaches and expands the minds of talented young people.  last year i was anxious about going, concerned about revisiting this part of my past and exploring this piece of myself.  now i cannot imagine summer without it, and i am so excited that i have already started pre-packing, a ritual i will explain at another time.

alex has begun taking his bar review class and it is difficult, necessary, and engrossing.  though we will miss each other when am away in fl for 25 days, it is a good time for me to be away so he can take over the house with his great big brain.  i am so proud of him, and will send him love and encouragement every day.

i began overhauling the costume shop at lhs today.  over 5000 pieces and in total disarray.  i got there at 9, worked for a couple of hours and then BIG thanks to boss laux for coming and working with me til 3.  nearly all accessories and are in place, labeled, and organized.  big work still to do, i’ll post pics when it is complete 🙂

trying to live healthier, and upon return from fl i plan to rejoin ww.  it helped me stay accountable, and i felt like i was accomplishing something.  looking forward, looking forward, looking forward.




May 18, 2008

my man, the law school graduate!  i am so proud i could burst!!!



May 14, 2008

ALEX GRADUATES FROM LAW SCHOOL SUNDAY  possibly the most anticipated day since our wedding.  i could not be prouder of my husband.  he is brilliant, and now the whole world will know it, too.


last day of my first year of teaching is only 9 days away.  5/23/08 to be exact.  it has been the hardest, most frustrating, strangest, most beautiful year of my professional life.  i am exactly where i am supposed to be.


i just ate 4 mini cheesecake pieces while watching america’s next top model.  is that ironic or sad?


oh yeah, who’s the new asistant director of the lhs theatre department? that’d be me.  i am so excited to be officially involved with this group of amazing kids.  here’s a pic one of them took of me backstage during romeo and juliet when i was volunteering.

the caption reads: mrs. draper-gard!  i feel the same way about them!

the swell season

May 6, 2008

last night alex and i went to see glen hansard and marketa irglova, of the movie once, with their band the swell season at the uptown theatre in kc.  it was absolutely breath taking.  the opening act, though passionate and good voiced, had some lacklustre lyrics about positivyt and seizing the day.  it was hard to take such rah rah seriously, but then glen came out.

he opened the hsow with an acoustic guitar and no mic as he sang, quieting the crowd so we could hear his intensity, collectively hanging on his every inflection and turn of phrase.  the band joined him and played a set til 10:15 and then returned for a 45 minute encore.  truly one of the best shows i have ever seen.  the frenetic vibe reminded me of seeing le loup open for andrew bird with jaso0n a few months back.

it is definitely the swell season: 13 frantic days left of lessons (planning, teaching, grading), 2 concerts, 2 parties (both for alex’s graduation) and a slow push into summer which finds me in florida, in love, and indefatiguable at the sheer damn wonder of the world. 

this is the amount of money i borrowed to earn my degrees: $114, 005.43

and according to salliemae, I’ll pay back this much: $223, 119.73

i have a b.a. in english that it took me 7 years to get b/c i was a dumb kid with my head up  my ass for awhile, and i finished at a small private school.  i have an m.a. in english that–though my tuition was free since i was a gta–i had to borrow money to complete b/c i only made $600/month for my teaching.  and i have a teaching credential that cost me roughly $36k in private loans, which repay at a higher interest rate.  why did i get provate loans you ask?  i had to.  i had exhausted my loan eligibility for federal funds.  

so june 28th, 2008 i start paying back these loans to the tune of $845 a month.  A MONTH.  i owe this much money because fining the job i love took me a long long time.  and now i have it, and it will financially cripple me.  


viva la american dream.