August 19, 2008

so many things are moving forward in my life that i felt the need to change up here, too.  gone is the girl in green, the picture i used to think i wanted so much to look like.  i’m not living in a world where i need to look like a certain ideal to be happy about myself.  i can be happy about myself no matter what the mirror reflects because the three numbers on the scale are not the numbers that define me.  i’ll trade them in for my iq or my g.r.e. score ANY day.


i rejoined weight watchers in july and am happily making my way to a healthier life.  i have hesitated writing about it here because there are so many people who blog about their weight loss/healthy lifestyle escapades, and i don’t want to be lumped in with (what are often) their pathetic rants about how hungry they are and how much they hate exercise.  also, this journey towards a healthier me isn’t really about you, dear reader, it’s about me, so i won’t share too much with you.  but i wanted you to know i’m taking this step, and to ask you to cheer me on in the metaphysical sense.  


school started back last week and teaching american literature makes me feel like a powerful, intelligent woman with much to offer, and a venue in which to share my gift.  i am so proud to be a teacher, and to be able to talk about the roots of the literature of this great country we live in.


and speaking of this country: obama, obama, obama.  i am more and more excited about november with each passing day, and cnn reports obama may choose a running mate as early as this week.  if you haven’t done so already, you can sign up on his website ( to have his vvp choice emailed to you, so you’ll know right away.  i signed up yesterday and am waiting with baited breath. biden is my hope, but i think it may be bayh.  i just don’t see richardson on the ticket.


one new addition to my job title is assistant director of the lhs theatre department.  i volunteered my time last year, for free, because i wanted to much to be involved.  now i’m getting paid to work with these brilliant kids, and the director has offered to let me direct the musical so that i can get some experience, and learn on my feet and be ready when he retires in a year or two.  so, mark your calendars:  october 2-4, 2008, come see my directorial debut: GUYS and DOLLS.  i cannot wait.


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