like jamie and joe

October 31, 2008

ok, students are testing all day so here is my list of hot hollywood dudes.  i tried not to duplicate any of jamie’s very appropriate choices. 

benicio is sexy ugly.  so not argue with me about this.

harry connick jr. is where it is at.  velvet voice.  cushy lips.  mmm hmm.

james mcavoy: wanted, indeed.

from bad boy to super hero, robert downey jr.

once upon a time vince vaughn looked like this.  dayum.

chris noth, come back to law and order. 

hayden christensen.  i can’t explain it.

like al ittle black dress, jude law ALWAYS fits.

everything he does, i love.  ewan makes me swoon.

a massive tie for 10th: mark ruffalo, johnny depp, neil patrick harris (i’m serious–doogie looks good), clooney, pit, mekhi phifer, omar epps, hugh laurie, jon krasinksi, jason bateman, zach braff, and bruce springsteen.



October 27, 2008

we started auditions for ‘guys and dolls’ today, and even though it will take up much of my time and energy, there is something so beautiful about kids putting their creativity and talent out there.  their nervousness is simply precious, and their ability is magical.

the election is 1 week away and i feel so hopeful.  i am teaching henry david thoreau right now, and that idea of living simply, and seeing the world as you want it to be is so resonant right now.

finally, i have hesitated to write about my weight loss adventure, but wanted to share a milestone.  i have been a weight watchers member since july 28 when i decided to start making the life i want, as opposed to accepting the life i had.  tonight i hit my first major milestone: -20.6 pounds.  i still have a way to go to be the outer person that i know i am inside, but this is pretty major for me.  i can’t remember the last time i was this weight, let alone less than it, and i had to buy a new winter coat because the two i had were far too big.  for those of you who have never had to deal with weight struggles, i’m not sure i can explain the significance of this loss.  it is not about the number on the scale so much as it is about the way i feel about myself. powerful, happy, and strong.  zelda and alex, and my amazing mother, have been my cheering section, workout partner(s), and motivation…i am blessed.


October 23, 2008

while life gets more and more insane–we bought a new car, zelda is turning into hyper-dog, and we audition for the musical on monday–i can always be entertained by ridiculous things like this:

the only time these two should ever share a stage is in this fictional dancing with the stars future.  obama is the only person my students could name that they feel is a great man of their era.  and palin, well, she is just a motherfucking joke.  period.

80 years and puppy love

October 12, 2008

we celebrated my grandmothers’ 80th birthday this weekend with brats, burgers, and brunch.  the former after the ku football game on saturday, and the latter this morning at tellers.  no matter how much time i spend with my family, i am always amazed by how silly and smart and kind we all are.  i truly hit the family jackpot.  

and we brought zelda home on friday to begin her full time life with us.  it’s time.  

snaps from the blur:


October 6, 2008

my cousin jake plays football for ku and last saturday he had the game of his life.  the team was down to iowa state 20-0 and then, in the 3rd quarter, jake made a touchdown after a 67 yard reception and run. you can watch the play here and vote for it as the pontiac game changing play of the week.  it would be so cool for jake, who has been busting his ass for mangino for 2 years, to get this kind of recognition.

things i love

October 5, 2008

dear friend,

when we first met, i was sixteen years old and a mutual friend introduced us.  i listened to your words in my basement bedroom, your rhythm and world view so intoxicating, and i fancied myself right behind you, soon to be in new york, soon to be on a road of discovery, simply soon to be.  i promised to use both hands.

you were with me when i started college.  you shared my first dorm room with a sorority girl, a startling tobacco habit, and my rapidly developing self-doubt.  you made me feel strong even when i didn’t know i needed to.

you were there when i fell in love for the first time, and accompanied on my move to the land of sun and sand where your words rang so true. “there were some things i did not tell him, there were certain things he did not need to know, there were some days that i did not love him, and he didn’t understand me and i don’t know why i didn’t go.”

coming back to ks after that sojourn, i found you again.  you were buried at the bottom of several memories, but when i brought you out, dusted you off, and listened for your song, you sang it just as clearly as you ever had.  you reminded me, in your own words, “strangers are exciting, their mystery never ends.  but there’s nothing quite like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends.”  

and for so long, you have emerged and submerged.  a voice calling out in the darkness, a whisper in the wilderness, and a song that resonates within and without.  

this last reunion, though, in the celestial hall where i saw you play years ago, was special.  with my closest friend, in a space i love, with no agenda for the evening but to hear and love.  you delivered and i realized i had missed you.  i hadn’t even known you were gone.  thank you, friend, for always being there.  for singing and saying and sharing and showing the world, and me, what we could all be.