latest and not so greatest

November 19, 2008

r.i.p. stella. the hard drive on my mac burned up and i have lost all the music i uploaded to itunes, all the materials i’ve created for school over the last 14 months, and worst of all, all the pictures i’ve taken in that time. apple care made me partition the hard drive, which means it is all gone daddy gone…the love is gone. how much does that suck?

why are some students so everloving d to the u to the m? i am losing patience and anxious for thanksgiving break to arrive.

zelda is housetrained, biting less, and getting bigger every day. if you haven’t met her yet, you should.

still enjoying my ani difranco renaissance: dang that babe can write and sing.

jason alexander’s strange white hair on this episode of criminal minds is wigging (pun intended) me out.

today i wore a pair of jeans that i bought in the fall of 2001. i know they are from that time because i purchased them at the gap downtown in lawrence when i was living here after graduating from bethany. and because the label inside said 01/fall. these have been my favorite jeans for seven years, but i haven’t been able to wear them for the last 5. my mom held on to them for me, and wore them herself for awhile, so they have that awesome worn in feeling.

every time one of my students tells me they can’t do something, i want to point to the kid in the room who is dyslexic, or learning disabled, or living in a shelter and say “fuck you! you have opportunities and support systems that none of these other kids have! stop being so god damn lazy and take responsibility for your life you worthless piece of shit!”

and some students make you want to weep because they are so sweet and brilliant. example: after reading “because i could not stop for death,” by emily dickinson a young lady who had just added the class becuase she had just been moved into the local shelter said “i think death is tormenting her, telling her these are all the things you are missing in life because you are too afraid to leave your house. one day, death is saying, he will come back for her, but for now he wants her to see what she is missing.” i wish EVERYONE could see what they are missing, and then go out and experience it.



November 11, 2008

i am required to teach research writing and assign research papers.  the wireless connection keeps going down at lhs.  therefore, my students cannot research.  so, what i am required to do in my profession cannot be done due to things beyond my control.  and, in case i haven’t mentioned it lately, teaching 15 year olds who read on a 3rd or 4th grade level is so not what i wanted to be doing with mylife.  just feeling a little dissatisfied.  of course, there are positives, too, but all is ee right now are the big smelly piles of shitty things.

thank you, america

November 5, 2008

this country now feels more like the place i have always believed i lived in.  thank you, thank you, thank you.


this man asks us if we can work with him, and i for one say, “yes we can.”

i believe in…

November 4, 2008


i took the day off of work today to take zelda to get her first bath, and to de-dog our house because the management company is coming by to do an inspection later.  i will watch cnn like it is crack, and pray with all that i am that my country does not let me down.  

we are so much better than we have been, america.  please remind me of how proud i am to be a citizen of this country.