amazing gifts

December 22, 2008

jason has a history of making me amazing gifts. just being my friend is one of them. in years pas he has recreated book covers by tom robbins who is, if you didn’t know, my favorite author. this year, though, jas branched out and did the above. the red pieces are cut paper, as are the letters in the title, and the rest is inked. his talent humble me, and i am so honored to his friend.

zelda is getting so big! i hope you all get a chance to hug on her over the holidays because it will cure whatever ails you, i promise.


happy holidaze

December 17, 2008

school is winding down and i am so happy about it.  i cannot believe the number of students who have gone rogue in the past few days.  walking out of class, acting out.  this time of year the kids who have pretty rotten home lives start to misbehave because they aren’t happy about losing the stability of school for two weeks.  i cannot imagine the lives some of my kiddoes lead.  it makes me so thankful for the life i have been lucky enough to lead. 

my dad is a badass.  i saw him play at homers coffee shop in kc on saturday night and it was the first time i’d heard him do 2 of the songs he wrote for the album he is recording with brandon.  my father has had a life full of hard work and sacrifice, but he has never stopped making music and nurturing that part of his spirit.  he is an inspiration to me.

we get to spend xmas with my family this year and i am so excited.  i love the calm of being there.  it isn’t really a calm place, there is a lot of frenetic energy and a ton of things to do, but i feel so peaceful when i am there.

i hit my 25 pound mark, lost that is.  it feels great to have taken control of my body, health, and future.

wings is a hilarious show, right?  or do i think so because i am up at 5:30 in the morning with my dog and wings is the best option?


carrie and jamie never fail to make me happy.  spending time with the two of them brings me back center, makes me laugh, and robs me of sleep, but it is so worth it.

jennifer is such a good mom!  and little bethany is getting so big 🙂

peace on earth, goodwill towards all.

too cute

December 5, 2008

2nd graders at pinckney elementary school in lawrence: milo, arthur, carson, oliver, and hunter. a-dor-able.

long time no…blog

December 3, 2008

got the computer back but i am typing this at school while my students are summarizing chapters form huck finn.  the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of family, food, and fun times.  but today i want to share some comments from a few of my students that i got on little turkey covered “thankful” slips.  ( some teachers pass these out…i do not).

“i am thankful you are my teacher because english 10 wouldn’t be the same without you, and i don’t think i would have had as much fun in english this year if you hadn’t been teaching me.”

“i have never liked english or any type of literature before this year.  i absolutely love your class and i couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.”

“your one of the coolest teachers i know.  your really funny during clas and your read twilight.  amazing!”

“you are a fantastic teacher!  i honestly could not have hoped, wished, or dreamed for a better english teacher.  i know it seems at times that we don’t appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into making our education mean something, but i truly do.”

comments like these are what keep me coming back everyday.  i am so thankful for my students, and for all of you bloggy buddies out there.