February 21, 2009

brandon turns 30 today. he is the best brother ever, so talented, so smart, and so unbelievably funny. knowing he is in the world makes life better.

brandon and teryn are PREGNANT!! i am going to be an auntie again. alex and i don’t get to see charlotte, which is sad, but we will get to be more active in the life of the soon to arrive baby bean. august cannot get here soon enough!

erin and ben are moving back in july!! we skyped with them last night for 2 hours and saw their apartment in china, a little peek at their neighborhood…it was awesome. i am SO excited for them to be back in kansas and hanging out with us.

we’ve been moving back and forth between renting for another year and buying a house, and we still aren’t sure what we’re going to do. all i can say is, lawrence houses are overpriced, but i really don’t want to live anywhere else…and we have to find something that works for our little beepers box 5000 (aka zelda, best dog ever).



i love this thing

February 9, 2009



where it’s at

February 6, 2009

for those of you who don’t know, lhs is where it’s at.  i love my job.  every day, even the shitty ones when kids tell me to fuck off or i find out a bright female student is pregnant, or a sensitive male student is being transferred to a new foster home, even on those day, i feel good about the work i do.  

i spend my days teaching kiss not only about similes and metaphors, foreshadowing and symbolism, but about what it means to focus on the things that unite rather than divide us.  

i talk about how hard it is to move through the world if you are constantly worried about what everyone else thinks.  

i let them know that being a nerd or a dork or an outcast of any kind is better than being a follower any day.  

i tell them to let go of their insecurities and embrace the things that make them different because these are also the things that make them brilliant.  

i believe in the power of education, positive reinforcement, and the ability literature to change minds.

we just wrapped up enrique’s journey n my diverse voices in literature classes and the number of students who were outraged at ow hard it is for people to come to the u.s. was staggering.  one student said he used to believe in a fence to keep people out, but now he thinks that is wrong, and we must find better ways to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  

learning can and does happen, often on a personal level that far outweighs the academic, and when it does, i feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have had some part in that.  

but i may lose my job.

cuts to the public education budget may result in the loss of my job because, very simply, i do not have tenure.  i would have to complete a third year and be renewed for a fourth to receive tenure, and i am now only in my second year.  it is entirely possible that, based solely on a last hired/first fired basis, i will lose my job.

the worst part is, i spent years and years and thousands of dollars to figure out this is what i was meant to do, and lhs is where i was meant to do it.  i feel connected to and inspired by this place in ways that can only be described as familial.  i do not do a job, or have a career, or feel a part of a profession, though all of those things are true.  instead in every sense, i feel called to be a teacher. to attempt, through my own laughter and knowledge and ability to perform, to share with students the things that will make them not just better students, but better people.  carrie and jamie often refer to lovewell as a place to grow your own friends, and in my classroom i am growing the people i want to share the world with, one class at a time.

so cross your fingers for me, america.  hold your breath, count to ten, wish on a star, send me good karma, say a little prayer that i get to keep doing what i love.

the only things that matter

February 1, 2009