15 random things

March 31, 2010

There are so many things to write about, and yet I don’t really want to rehash the last few months, so here are 15 random things:

  1. My niece is sitting up on her own now, I think.  A picture mail today suggests this.  I also hear she has a tooth/teeth.  I must see her soon.
  2. I easily have the best parents in the history of parents.
  3. My best friend allows me to be honest, vulnerable, sad, happy, silly and quiet and never judges me for it.  That is real love.
  4. I’m reading tomorrow night as a featured poet.  I’ve never really called myself a poet in public before.  Baby steps to where I want to be.
  5. Teaching makes me happier than any other thing I’ve ever done for a paycheck.  Really, it makes me happier than any other thing I’ve ever done.
  6. I’m 33 and apparently you can still get acne at this age.  Thanks a lot for that one, nature.
  7. God and I have been chatting on the regular lately.  He’s pretty cool.  I’d kind of forgotten how much I dig Him.
  8. Reading books is way cooler than watching tv.
  9. Unless you’re watching True Blood.  Come on HBO, bring it back already.
  10. I’m learning to choose my own happiness and not feel like a selfish bitch.  it’s taken a long time to figure out that trick, I’m getting better at it.
  11. Loving people and wanting them to be happy could be my full time job.
  12. Holly Hunter’s voice is really great.  I want her to leave my outgoing phone message.
  13. Forgiving other people for their shortcomings is way easier than forgiving your own, but forgiving your own is just as important.
  14. Gender is a road that is constantly under construction.
  15. Right now, tonight, I know I am loved, and that is the best any of us can hope for.