Studio 60

October 16, 2006

If you aren’t watching this show then I’m not sure what you are doing on Monday nights. Maybe you have a life, kids, a job that you take home with you, I don’t know. All I know is that this show is smarter and more original than almost all of the crap that SNL puts on the air. I can’t stand that SNL has become so watered down, so lackluster, so completely uninteresting. The season opener with Dane Cook had a few high points, very few, but not much else.

Studio 60, on the other hand, has a heart, a truly intriguing story line, and a cast that makes you want to keep watching. This post isn’t much, just a little comment on something that, in the large sweeping tv wasteland, there is at least one hour a week that makes me think about what it means to befunny, compromising, loyal, and engaged in commenting on the world around me.

Sign on San Diego blogger and tv critic Robert Laurence writes “Aaron Sorkin is again writing that clipped, overly clever dialogue he’s so good at. But in the “West Wing” the characeters were dealing with social and political issues, so the audience cared how conflicts were resolved.”

go here to see my response to this deluded blogger: