just heard this, want to smack someone: michael j. fox is supporting claire mccaskill in missouri in the upcoming election because she supports stem cell initiatives and research. the commercial fox shot shows him visibly effected by by parkinson’s, an illness that could benefit greatly from stem cell research. hit is moving and sad and you can go to youtube to see it.

and this is what premiere douchebag limbaugh had to say about it (transcript from his website)
“Let me just stress once again in what I said in closing this out, that I think this is exploitative in a way that’s unbecoming either Claire McCaskill or Michael J. Fox, because in this commercial for Claire McCaskill he’s using his illness in a way to mislead voters that there’s a cure for Parkinson’s disease if only Claire McCaskill gets elected, if only Jim Talent is defeated. And of course it’s all about stem cell research, which is a huge ballot initiative in Missouri anyway. I’m sorry, Missoura. He pronounced it Missoura. There are two ways to pronounce my home state, Missouri and Missoura. And Missoura, in certain sectors is the preferred pronunciation. It is a way to relate to certain Missourans. We never say Missourans, we say Missourians. But it’s a way to reach out, “I understand you, I know your state” and so forth. There’s a lot of politics in the commercial. But Mr. Fox was allowing his illness to be used as a tactic to trying to secure the election of a Democrat senator…”

what an asshole.

my mother had a stem cell transplant in 2001. i believe they harvested her own stem cells to then deplete her immune system completely and introduce the cells back into her body so that they could fight the non-hodgkins lymphoma she was battling. i was with her during much of this process. it was grueling and awful and no child should ever have to witness his or her mother goingthrough something like this. i am a stronger person and closer to her because of it but it was one of the most difficult things i have ever been through.

my mother’s first doctor told her she had only 7 years to live. that was in 1998. she got another doctor and another prognosis and after remission and a relapse she was offered a clinical trial and th stem cell transplant option. no matter what your personal, political, or moral attitudes about stem cell research are, if you do notbelive in it or it’s value to the millions of people in the world who would benefit from it, then please, keep your mouth shut around me. stem cell research should continue, should be funded, should be given every dollar this country can find and then more from other places. see the pictures in the above post? look at how beautiful my mother is, and she is even more beautiful on the inside. that is why i believe in this research and if you were lucky enough for her to be your mother, you would support it, too.